Anonymous asked: where did you get your creepers from? not the underground ones the sort of pump style ones x

If you mean the patent black ones with the pink and white stripes they’re from h&m £39.99 but they were limited edition I think. If you mean the plain black suede ones they’re from asos £40 x

ofw0lfandman asked: Hellooo! Figured you might have an idea, I'm after a crochet skirt, I have a black crochet mini skirt but it was only cheap and not great quality, struggling to find another for summer :( xxxxxxxx

Zara have a lot of crochet stuff in at the moment which is good quality (see my previous post with the crochet shorts I got from there). H&M have got a lot of crochet stuff in, think it’s mainly shorts and crop tops though dunno if they do skirts. If not, try asos cos they have just about everything and although a lot of their items aren’t great quality they do a free postage option and free returns as well so you could order a couple of different ones from there and send them all back for a full refund if they’re shit :) xxx

Anonymous asked: just wondering about your weave and where you got it done and how much it cost? I've wanted one for a while now, but i was a little put off cos i didn't know anything about them, and was freaked that i might hate it when its done, but yours looks sooo good! So i guess i'd trust your opinion :) also how do you maintain them once they're sown in? thanks x

I don’t have a weave anymore, I’ve gone back to clip in extensions now as after two I got sick of them aha. They are worth it at first, I loved mine when I first got it done but it’s maintaining it that’s the problem cos extensions can get ratty enough as it is but when they’re sewn on your head for months they begin to look grim so be prepared to use a lot of conditioning treatments on it once a week and never use shampoo on it. If you do use mild shampoo like baby shampoo otherwise it’ll ruin them and dry your extensions out. And always try to let it dry naturally and always use heat protection before straightening etc. I just missed being able to run my fingers through my hair and brush and wash my hair properly as weird as that sounds! When you get it taken out the roots of the bits of your hair that was braided will be greasy as fuck and loads of your hair will fall out so I’d say it’s good for the first few weeks but after that it’ll do your head in. You’ll be really headsore for the first few days after you get it done too. I got mine done at cut above in northern quarter and it’s £15 a row I got 3 rows so £45, plus my extensions which were £75 so altogether £120. Another tip, when buying your extensions get 100% remy hair as that’s the best quality and will stay better condition for longer, avoid european hair, etc. hope that helps! x

.: Made in Chelsea truthfacts;


1) I can’t believe Mark Francis is a real person. He is the greatest. “You’re early twenties really are the best time to get your first bronze bust” BRB
2) Rosie is a fucking cunt and I want to drop kick her in the face
3) Do they not have security at Glamour magazine? Why’s Millie just…

Hahaha this is amazing!

Oh my god this is the best thing ever. Jamie is the cutest

Oh my god this is the best thing ever. Jamie is the cutest

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